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Art Privileges

Membership is the backbone of our non profit organization. For the cost of one cafe latte a month you can belong to the Center for the Arts. If you are a member you receive many benefits and you can shout from the rooftops that you support the ARTS!

If you are a business, you can pass your benefits onto your employees. Become a member today by phone, mail, or online

Membership has its privileges! Don't leave home without your Center for the Arts Membership!It's Priceless!


Sustainable Members give automatic monthly contributions to GSAC that are deducted from a checking account or credit card. You can give any amount that is comfortable and easy. Giving on a monthly basis helps provide year round programming.
Young Patrons offers young professionals easy and affordable access to the arts community.

Call the Center for the Arts 970.945.2414 for 3 Year Membership Option